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Frances Gay L. Pia R.N.,M.A.N

     The Nursing Service Department conducted its 5th Intravenous Therapy Training Program last October 26-28, 2012 at the CUMC Conference Room. CUMC is one of the three hospital that is an IV providers here in the city accredited by the Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines, Inc. (ANSAP). CUMC nursing department aims to help strengthen the need to certify RNs to ensure competency on IVT as part of the scope of nursing practice by providing a standard IV Therapy training program to all RNs.

          The training was participated by 60 registered nurses coming from different institutions but mostly fresh board passers. The program started at exactly 8am with a welcome address delivered by Dr. Annie P. Jacalan the IV Therapy Trainer of this institution followed by a series of lectures from 8am-5pm for two days conducted by our very own IV therapy Trainer, Doctor and Preceptors: Dr. Annie P. Jacalan, Dr. Aaron Oliveros, Barney Perez R.N., Thelma Aranas R.N., Victoria Burgos R.N., Vanessa Rae Dumagat RN, Lewella Marie Linog R.N., Ma. Frances Padolina and Frances Gay Pia R.N, MAN. CUMC-IV-trainging-Cagayan-de-oro           The program was also enlightened with song numbers rendered by Ms. Juvy Pacle and Bernie Nueva Espana (Vocals), Agustin Villanueva (Guitar), Frances Gay Pia (Keyboard) and Jan Martin Legaspi (Violin). And to make the participants more alive and active for the very long lectures, games and line dancing was also done by the program coordinators.           Demonstration of different IV procedures was performed on the afternoon of the second day of the training. The demo-lecture was performed and discussed by the following preceptors: Rubie Bayron RN, Rachel Cabillar RN, Samuel Cayetuna, Vanessa Rae Dumagat RN, Lewella Linog RN, and Frances Gay Pia RN, MAN. Pre-test and post test was given to the participants to assess their knowledge before and after the training.           The most exciting part of the training is the return demonstration and actual one on one IV insertion of the participants. Mechanics and orientation was explained by the IV therapy coordinator Frances Gay Pia RN, MAN. There are five procedures that the IV participants must be able to perform and pass. After the training, the participants are required to complete their cases in order to be a certified IV Therapist. The institution will be conducting another training on February 9-11, 2013. Overall, the evaluation of the participants was OUTSTANDING.  IV-updates-cagayan-de-oro-cumc-news

6 Responses to Capitol University IV Training – Cagayan de Oro

  • Mabala, Jessa Mae M. says:


    I am intersted to join the trainings.

  • Johnalyn Palis says:

    Good day sir/maam,
    I would like to ask about the iv training seminar posted at this website: http://ansapinc.com/3-day-basic-iv-therapy-training# – of how much is the payment and what are the needed requirements to avail this and also where to pay for preregistration. thank you

  • Joseph Nolbin Cornelio Chiong says:

    Hi! Goodday Sir/Ma’am, I would just like to ask regarding the IV updates? How much is the cost of the updates? How many days can will it take for me to get the ID? And what is the requirements for the IV updates? And also what is the required attire for the said course? Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Good day sir/maam!!!
    I’am a capitolian alumni from the college of nursing..I am interested to join for the next IVT training..I’m hoping for a favorable response.response. Thank you and God bless!

  • Sheryl Abines says:

    Good day!

    I would like to ask about the IVT training, how much is the cost for this specific training? What would be the requirements to avail the training? What are your schedules for the training?What is the required attire for the training?

  • Karen shane says:

    I want to know if you have iv training on october 27 onwards?and how much would it cost me?thanks

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