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CUCM-Cath-Laboratory-Heart-Station LSR-MURAL Heartstrings By Vanessa Rae M. Dumagat, RN   In the year that has gone by, it seems that the sands of time sifts through our consciousness so quickly. Capitol University Medical City launched the Laureana San Pedro Rosales (LSR) Heart Institute, a proud member of the Calleja National Heart Institute, nearly about a year now since the dream of Madame Laureana San Pedro Rosales came into reality. Having been part of this new venture of this Institution left me a strong feeling of pride knowing that this is the pioneer team in the whole of Northern Mindanao. If I may look back, most of my Nursing Career evolved only in one unit – the Intensive Care Unit and leaving ICU was in reality one of the toughest decision for me but I also feel in my heart that I need to start anew. Like any new beginnings we were introduced to a lot of things foreign to us. The didactics was brain draining, the rush of activities can be blood boiling at times, some situations can be unnerving but – we survived. The lessons, the camaraderie, the team work, the frustrations and of course the victories had made us something different now. I am hopeful that the Heart Institute team who first gleamed with eyes in wonder having witnessed the first cut in an open heart surgery, or the first time wedge pressure was acquired, including the cardiac input and output, or how a stent was able to save someone else’s life – are now more than ready to surmount any adversity with a heart more than willing to serve. Then, after all the time and effort, one does experience a sense of achievement upon seeing the patient up and about and hearing their thank you a thousand times with their most sincere smiles. if only for that feeling, life then becomes meaningful a million times over. In a year’s time, the Heart Institute had already performed countless Coronary Angiograms, A couple of Angioplasty and a number of Open Heart Surgeries. This wouldn’t be all become successful without the patience and continuous guidance of our mentors and one of the finest Physicians by far– the Director of the LSR Heart Institute – Dr. Renato Alagadan, the Head of the Catheterization Laboratory and the only Invasive Cardio-interventionist in Northern Mindanao– Dr. Victor Peña, and the Head of the Cardio Vascular Operating Room, a Thoraco-Cardiovascular Surgeon – Dr. Jose Hernandez. To boot, credits also goes to the two Cardiac Anesthesiologists – Dr. Harold Lumang and Dra. Raisalam Macataman, who taught us things we never could have imagined we will be able to learn, for their consideration and tolerance when we don’t seem to conform to the ideals, much more for making us feel at eased every time. Thank you doctors for making it pleasantly manageable for us to do things your way. And so today we asked, “what was it all about? Was it worth it all? The pulling and pushing – the drive to win it all – the sacrifices made to do all – to experience all?” and I can tell you right now that there was definitely a lot of work but there was also a lot of fun! True, the dream was quite high but we were able to climb it. The dream to create something that will inspire, something that has taken us away into itself and helps us remember the good things in life and in being alive, something that could show us what could be and all that we could ever be. CathLab   HEART STATION SERVICES:

  • 2D-echo
  • Stress test
  • ECG
  • Stress echo
  • Venous/Arterial Duplex Scan
  • Carotid and Vertebral Study
  • 24-hrs Holter monitoring
  • Ambulatory BP

For more information please contact us at:

  • 856-4714 or 724236
  • local 131. 

“At CUMC, every beat counts!”

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