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Dr. Annie P. Jacalan, R.N., M.A.N.

Nursing Service Director

I am trying to say something
    In CUMC’s quest towards excellence, it has ventured a long way for many years.  As one of the Department heads of this institution, I, along with the others have traveled through the ladder of success equally with some failures before we were able to reach this far in being one of the leading healthcare institutions in Northern Mindanao.
    Being a leader has never been easy.  The demands of this profession, of what the institution require of us and of what the employees in my department expect from me are but, at times, conflicting.  At some point, I used to wish I can meet every expectation but there are things that I am ought to do even if I do not want to and the other way around.  
    As a leader, it is a sad reality that people may see you as someone who is rigid, strict, and nerve-racking.  But as what Wilson Kanadi says, “Look beyond everything you see.  There’s always something behind.” We are what we are because something is making us the kind of persons that we are now.  With this, I mean that before we say anything on someone, be it our boss or our colleagues, we should learn on having delayed judgment and try to dig in why they are acting in such a way before we say any complaint against them.  I am not trying to deprive you of your freedom to speak-out your minds, but I am trying to say that at least we should always try to look at the other side of the coin and not just on what we see.
    The results of certain evaluations, comments from different people inside and outside of this institution may seem rather disheartening, but as a leader, we are ought to take it positively.  Then I realized that we people are naturally like that.  We always see first the dots on a sheet of paper than seeing the entirety of it.  We complain as immediately as possible on negative things, but do not give much value on the positive side, and worse even tend to forget it. Negative comments, as I see them, are doors of opportunity to see clearly our rooms for improvement.  I am not perfect, I know. But I always strive to be the best that I can be and work not to please men but to please God as the verse in Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” I may not please you all, because I do not have to in the first place. But it is my utmost desire that you will have a receptive heart and learn to submit to your authorities because…I am trying to say something.

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